Petrol Pump Modernization

Petrol Pump Modernization

Founded in 2011, The sun has indeed shined warmly upon us, but the journey has been challenging.
The hesitation to adopt a new technology is observed in many markets, and it took us several
dedicated years of demonstration, application and steady customer service to make an impact with
this revolutionary technology in India.
We have established ourselves in the industry strongly, we focus on delivering innovative and
economical solar power solutions.
We are authorized vendor of IOCL.

Working In States –  MP,CG,Rajasthan,Odisha,Maharashtra,UP,West Bengal and Expanding our
business to many more States Fastly .


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Trust and Quality Promise
  • Unmatched Quality & Services
  • Motivated Team
  • Pledge to the Environment


  • We’ve made it simple for you
  • We are confident for our products
  • We believe, customer is first priority
  • We makes best effort to save money
  • We help you to go green


  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Supply Power To Grid
  • Gain Energy Indepencence
  • Cost Effective
  • Energy Saver
  • Eco Friendly